Step Two

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Put three gal­lons of hot wa­ter (11 litres or so) into the five-gallon bucket. Then mix in the hot soapy wa­ter from Step One, stir it for a while, then add a cup of the wash­ing soda. Keep stir­ring it for another minute or two, then add a half cup of bo­rax if you are us­ing bo­rax. Stir for another cou­ple of min­utes, then let the stuff sit overnight to cool. And you’re done. When you wake up in the morn­ing, you’ll have a bucket of gelati­nous slime that’s a paler shade of the soap that you used (in our case, it’s a very pale green­ish blue). One mea­sur­ing cup full of this slime will be roughly what you need to do a load of laun­dry – and the in­gre­di­ents are ba­si­cally the same as laun­dry de­ter­gent. Thus, out of three gal­lons, you’ll get about 48 loads of laun­dry.

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