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Tem­per­a­ture rise a) The tem­per­a­ture rise of rub­ber or polyvinyl chlo­ride in­su­la­tion of in­ter­nal wiring can be 50K max­i­mum, and that of ex­ter­nal wiring 35K max­i­mum.

b) For sur­faces of han­dles, knobs, grips and sim­i­lar parts of me­tal, the limit is 35K max­i­mum.

c) For ex­ter­nal en­clo­sure of mo­tor-op­er­ated ap­pli­ances (ex­cept han­dles held in nor­mal use), the limit is 60K max­i­mum.

d) For wind­ing of Class B in­su­la­tion, the limit is 95K max­i­mum.

Screws and con­nec­tions Creep­age dis­tance and clear­ance Re­sis­tance to rust­ing Con­trols (con­trol­ling switches shall be ca­pa­ble of break­ing the stalled mo­tor cur­rent at the max­i­mum rated volt­age six times with­out fail­ure) En­durance (the food mixer shall with­stand

elec­tric strength test)

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