Ad­van­tages of the Mo­bile Wal­let

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The trans­fer of funds with a mo­bile wal­let is a sim­ple and se­cure way to de­posit or to re­ceive money via a vir­tual wal­let ac­cessed by con­sumers us­ing their mo­bile phones/smart­phones. A few ben­e­fits of the mo­bile wal­let are:


As a pay­ment tool

A mo­bile wal­let is a valu­able pay­ment tool and of­fers ben­e­fits such as:


point of sale (POS) in­stead of cash or credit

that pro­vides max­i­mum value in terms of re­wards or a favourable rate of in­ter­est or re­deemable coupons

or for a spec­i­fied re­tail cat­e­gory

and item pur­chased bank lacks STP or de­lays the cred­it­ing process, the con­sumer can choose a dif­fer­ent bank­ing part­ner that of­fers a sim­pler and faster STP

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