Check: Is There a Generic For That?

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Dur­ing your checkup: Be­fore leav­ing a doc­tor’s of­fice with pre­scrip­tion in hand, be sure to ask the doc­tor, “Is there a generic for that?” Give your pre­scrip­tions a checkup: Re­view all of your med­i­ca­tions regularly with a doc­tor or phar­ma­cist, be­cause there may be new, lower-cost treat­ments avail­able. Find out be­fore you fill: When you hand over a new pre­scrip­tion to your phar­ma­cist, or dur­ing re­fill time, ask, “Is there a generic for that?” The phar­ma­cist can tell you and you then call your doc­tor to dis­cuss chang­ing the pre­scrip­tion ac­cord­ingly.

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