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Travel is my fore­most in­spi­ra­tion – whether it is to write or for new ideas to pop into my head, it usu­ally hap­pens when I travel. Through my ca­reer, my work has en­sured that I travel a lot. In spite of that, I am very ner­vous be­fore each trip. I am not sure what I am wor­ried about re­ally – miss­ing a bus, a train, or a flight? Or not pack­ing prop­erly? Both are in­con­ve­niences but not the end of the world, right? How­ever much I try to talk my­self out of my stress, each trip has me wound up tight. Then, once I am on the bus, the train, or the flight, all that ten­sion van­ishes and I am sud­denly ex­cited about the trip ahead.

Even if I am go­ing to a place I have vis­ited sev­eral times be­fore, I look around and in­vari­ably find ev­ery­thing new. I start to no­tice ev­ery lit­tle de­tail, along the way as well as at the des­ti­na­tion. It is prob­a­bly the ex­pec­ta­tion that things will be dif­fer­ent that sharp­ens my senses when I travel. I sud­denly start to no­tice colours, shapes, smells, sounds, tex­tures, which I wouldn’t on my daily rou­tine.

It is not that my des­ti­na­tion is all that dif­fer­ent – it is just that I am ab­sorb­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence dif­fer­ently sim­ply be­cause I am more aware. It took me some time to un­der­stand this about my re­sponse to travel. And now, I try to be just as aware when I am at home as well. It doesn’t work as well, but it has def­i­nitely made me more aware at least of the trees and birds right here at home.

Be­ing open to the world around me and ab­sorb­ing through my five senses stim­u­lates my brain to work at its cre­ative best. Ideas con­nect in ways I would not have thought pos­si­ble, and I am inspired to cre­ate – a new piece of writ­ing, a new tour, a new Face­book post, a change of cur­tains in my room... This act of be­ing cre­ative gives a high that is un­matched by any­thing else. And of course, if ap­pre­ci­a­tion fol­lows, it is a plus!

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