We Go Away to Come Back

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The poet said ‘a thing of beauty is a joy for­ever’. What he didn’t add was that beauty (and ug­li­ness) inspires a per­son to push their cre­ative bound­aries. A beau­ti­ful sunset, snow-capped peaks, a large baobab stand­ing in iso­la­tion against a bleak land­scape, the end­less salt plains of the Rann of Kutch, a herd of camels with their young, a group of women car­ry­ing pots on their heads, chil­dren play­ing... We pre­fer to fo­cus on the beau­ti­ful rather than its other half. There is def­i­nitely a good rea­son why artistes of all gen­res go away to cre­ate some­thing new – why Tagore, Gau­guin, Maugham and Van Gogh cre­ated their best work away from home.

It is easy when we travel, es­pe­cially on a hol­i­day, to try and make the most of the mo­ment and squeeze it for all that we can get out of it. We don't want to be both­ered with larger is­sues and prob­lems. We just want to en­joy our­selves and for­get about ev­ery­thing else. Fair enough. Af­ter all, what is in­spir­ing to­day may well not ex­ist to­mor­row.

And When We Are There

When you pick a hol­i­day, go for one that as­sures you that they have done the home­work – that your hol­i­day has been planned keep­ing in mind the well­be­ing of the des­ti­na­tion, both in terms of the peo­ple who live there as well as the en­vi­ron­ment in which they live. That way, when you ac­tu­ally get there, you can re­lax and open your senses to the new ex­pe­ri­ences that will sur­round you. Else, be­ing the con­sci­en­tious per­son that you are, you will end up see­ing only the plas­tic and the pack­ets – tell-tale signs of un­fet­tered commercial­isation and un­think­ing visi­tors think­ing noth­ing of spoil­ing an ecosys­tem. (Come to think of it, this very ap­a­thy can be­come an in­spi­ra­tion – for

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