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Var­i­ous types of do­mes­tic wa­ter pu­ri­fiers are avail­able in the mar­ket and their cost can range from Rs 1,000 to over Rs 50,000 or more based on the tech­nol­ogy used. Apart from ce­ramic can­dle-based fil­ters, there are var­i­ous other cat­e­gories of wa­ter fil­ters/pu­ri­fiers that in­cor­po­rate lat­est tech­nolo­gies of UV (ul­tra­vi­o­let) and R/O (re­verse os­mo­sis), whereby a large num­ber of im­pu­ri­ties and un­de­sir­able min­er­als, solids and other per­ma­nent im­pu­ri­ties can be re­moved, par­tic­u­larly by R/O sys­tem.

Con­ven­tional non-elec­tric stor­age wa­ter fil­ters/pu­ri­fiers

Th­ese fil­ters em­ploy ce­ramic can­dles im­preg­nated with sil­ver to fil­ter and pu­rify the in­put wa­ter. In this method, phys­i­cal im­pu­ri­ties like colour, dirt and mi­cron par­ti­cles/fi­bres are ef­fec­tively fil­tered, as are resid­ual chlo­rine and mi­crobes (path­o­genic and non-path­o­genic). Sim­i­larly, other fil­ters/pu­ri­fiers based on io­dine/chem­i­cals tech­nol­ogy are equally ef­fec­tive in pro­vid­ing clean and safe drink­ing wa­ter. How­ever, none of th­ese fil­ters are ef­fec­tive in re­duc­ing to­tal dis­solved solids from the in­put wa­ter. Also, it should be noted that non-elec­tric stor­age wa­ter pu­ri­fiers re­quire reg­u­lar main­te­nance and clean­ing of fil­ters clog­ging of pores due to im­pu­ri­ties could slow down the fil­tra­tion and make it in­ef­fec­tive.

UV-based elec­tric­ity-op­er­ated wa­ter pu­ri­fiers

Th­ese are fil­ters that pu­rify the in­put wa­ter through feed-wa­ter pres­sure. Out­put wa­ter can be had when in­put wa­ter has rea­son­able pres­sure. They are ef­fec­tive in fil­ter­ing out phys­i­cal im­pu­ri­ties like colour, dirt and mi­cron par­ti­cles/fi­bres as well as resid­ual chlo­rine and mi­crobes (path­o­genic and non-path­o­genic). How­ever, this cat­e­gory of pu­ri­fiers is also not ef­fec­tive in re­duc­ing the TDS from in­put wa­ter.

RO-based pu­ri­fiers

Th­ese sys­tems are mainly rec­om­mended where the in­put wa­ter is salty and has TDS level be­yond 800 mg/l. Based on the tech­nol­ogy of forced feed of in­put wa­ter, th­ese pu­ri­fiers are ef­fec­tive in sig­nif­i­cantly re­duc­ing the TDS level by 80 per cent, which means 80 per cent of the in­put wa­ter is dis­carded by RO tech­nique. Here, the out­put wa­ter is slightly bit­ter and one may take time to ad­just to the taste. RO sys­tems are more ex­pen­sive than UV sys­tems and are nearly 10 times the cost of con­ven­tional fil­ters.

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