Cad­bury Dairy Milk Roast Al­mond

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My next pick was the Cad­bury Dairy Milk Roast Al­mond. An added gush of sweet­ness ca­ressed my mouth as soon as I tasted my first piece. Priced at Rs 45 (felt a slight itch in the pocket), the pack­ag­ing did not at­tract me at all. Had I not care­fully looked at the cover, I might have eas­ily missed it as an­other Dairy Milk. It lacked any dis­tinc­tion in terms of taste. Also, it felt more like a ‘fruits mi­nus’ version of Cad­bury Fruit & Nut, though I must add that the al­monds were roasted per­fectly, not more not less. It’s a chocolate I may not like to buy but prob­a­bly will con­sume—only if some­one of­fered it to me. Over­all it would be a good buy for the lim­ited few who likes only nuts (and not fruits) in their choco­lates.

Quite a dis­ap­point­ment from the Cad­bury kitty. It’s more of a rep­e­ti­tion of the Fruit & Nut vari­ant, with no change in the chocolate. Priced at Rs 45, it’s not worth the while.

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