Cad­bury Bournville – Rich Co­coa/Cran­berry/Raisin and Nuts

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It was now time for some sup­pos­edly In­dian dark chocolate. It would be my first taste of Cad­bury Bournville and I sure was ex­pect­ing a lot. The pack­ag­ing was a dis­tinct dark-brown colour sig­ni­fy­ing the noir (dark) co­coa. Very clean and very sim­ple, it com­pelled the con­sumer to make a pur­chase. On read­ing the in­gre­di­ents care­fully, I no­ticed that it con­tained milk solids and was only 50 per cent dark (much lower than the 60 per cent min­i­mum re­quired for in­ter­na­tional level). I first tasted the Cad­bury Bournville ‘Rich Co­coa con­tain­ing 50 per cent co­coa. On open­ing the cover, it was fur­ther wrapped in an­other smooth pa­per with stamps of 50 per cent over it. Rather im­pres­sive for a 33 gram bar priced at Rs 40. As I bit into it, there was an in­stant sense of dis­ap­point­ment. I felt mis­led and fooled be­cause it ac­tu­ally tasted like a cross be­tween dark and milk chocolate. Not very smooth or fine on the palate, it just did not work for me. Pe­riod. The next was the Cad­bury Bournville ‘Cran­berry’ (50 per cent dark). It had sim­i­lar pack­ag­ing as the ‘rich co­coa’ with some ‘cran­ber­ries’ on the cover. As much as the cover im­pacted the pur­chase de­ci­sion, the chocolate failed to im­press as it lacked fine­ness and any nat­u­ral notes of fine dark choco­lates. At Rs 40 for a 33 gram bar, it did have a good amount of al­monds and some cran­ber­ries too. But ev­ery­thing else was flat.

My last of the Cad­bury Bournville se­ries was the ‘Raisin & Nut’ (50 per cent dark) bar. At Rs 40 for a 33 gram bar, it had a lot of nuts and raisins, but there is noth­ing much to write about it. It felt more like a smoked-bar vari­ant of the reg­u­lar Cad­bury Fruit & Nut. Nev­er­the­less, the nuts and raisins were a saving grace.

Im­pres­sive pack­ag­ing but the chocolate fails to im­press. Cran­berry and Raisin & Nut vari­ants worked bet­ter than the plain one. The over­all ex­pe­ri­ence was not ex­actly what you would ex­pect from a dark chocolate. Af­ter all, there was milk in it! Though an at­trac­tive price point, Cad­bury has not done the In­dian chocolate lover any favour. A first-time cus­tomer who wants to up­grade to dark choco­lates may end up be­ing dis­il­lu­sioned. Cad­bury, it’s time the cus­tomer is looked at more se­ri­ously.

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