Re­frac­tive in­dex (at 40 de­grees Cel­sius)

Consumer Voice - - Soyabean Oils -

This is the ra­tio of the ve­loc­ity of light in vac­uum to the ve­loc­ity of light in the oil or fat. Re­frac­tive in­dex varies with tem­per­a­ture and wave­length. For soy­abean oil, it should be be­tween 1.4649 and 1.4710. All brands were within the spec­i­fied limit. They were clear and with­out any hazi­ness. Na­ture Fresh Acti-Lite, Ma­hakosh, Nutrela and

For­tune scored higher in this pa­ram­e­ter.

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