Key Find­ings

Consumer Voice - - Comparativ­e Test -

Based on the over­all test find­ings, the top per­form­ers are Bonn, An­mol, McVitie’s, Crem­ica, and Bri­tan­nia.

Bonn is the value-for-money brand.

The low­est sugar was found in An­mol (12.04 gm/100 gm) and Bri­tan­nia (14.16 gm/100 gm).

Bonn was found to have the high­est quan­tity of di­etary fi­bre.

Divss was found to have the low­est fat.

McVitie’s was rated high­est in the sen­sory panel tests, fol­lowed by Bri­tan­nia.

Dif­fer­ences were ob­served in mea­sured and de­clared value of pro­tein. The high­est dif­fer­ence was in Divss (21.61 per cent), fol­lowed by Parle (11.48 per cent).

Net weight in Priyagold and Patan­jali was found to be lower than the de­clared quan­tity.

The sugar con­tent in Patan­jali was found to be more than the de­clared value.

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