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Are you a but­ter per­son? In­deed you are, if you like your toast and pas­try with but­ter, paratha with but­ter, dal with but­ter, and so on. Well, while so much but­ter is not good for your health, what with the sat­u­rated fats in it, us­ing mod­er­ate amounts of it as a spread, an in­gre­di­ent, or flavour en­hancer can be part of healthy food choices. In any case, but­ter is a part of our di­ets. Mostly, we stick to the brand that we are used to con­sum­ing. Once in a while comes along a brand that claims to be ‘un­salted’ and that may shake us out of our stu­por, leav­ing us won­der­ing what that means. So, are they all as good as one an­other and do they meet the ba­sic qual­ity re­quire­ments for fat, solids not fat, mois­ture, and salt? Do we know how much mois­ture is ac­cept­able? Do all the brands in the mar­ket ful­fil the min­i­mum re­quire­ments and are they all safe for con­sump­tion? Are there brands that taste bet­ter? This re­port is a first­hand study of some pop­u­lar brands of but­ter avail­able in In­dia.

A Consumer Voice Re­port

For our tests, we pur­chased seven pop­u­lar brands of ta­ble but­ter as well as one brand of white but­ter. Th­ese were sub­jected to com­par­a­tive test­ing at an NABLac­cred­ited lab­o­ra­tory. The study was con­fined to key qual­ity pa­ram­e­ters spec­i­fied by Food Safety and Stan­dards Au­thor­ity of In­dia (FSSAI) as well as meth­ods of test­ing spec­i­fied in In­dian Stan­dard (IS: 13690: 1992) and re­lated stan­dards (IS: 3507-1966).

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