Se­lec­tion and Prepa­ra­tion of Fruit/Veg­etable

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Sort the fruit and veg­eta­bles. Re­move those that are over-ripe, rot­ten or bruised. Leave un­der-ripe prod­ucts to ripen and use at a later date. Wash the fruit and veg­eta­bles in clean wa­ter. Some fruits, par­tic­u­larly toma­toes, are blanched in hot wa­ter for up to five min­utes to soften the skin and to de­stroy en­zymes and mi­crobes. Af­ter blanch­ing, they should be cooled by plung­ing into cold wa­ter. Some fruits should be peeled be­fore use. Chop the fruit and veg­eta­bles into var­i­ous sized pieces ac­cord­ing to the recipe. Tip: When cook­ing with vine­gar, lemon juice, or acid foods, use a stain­less steel stock­pot. This pre­vents leach­ing of metal into the food, and pit­ting of the ves­sel which might oc­cur with other me­tals such as alu­minum and cast iron. choose a recipe with less salt, sugar, and fats and with a min­i­mum amount of ad­di­tives.

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