Rolled Oats Fi­bre on the breakfast ta­ble

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“Theoat­is­theHo­ra­tioAl­gerofce­re­als,which­pro­gressed,ifnot­from­ragstorich­es,atleast­from weed­to­health­food.” ~Waver­leyRoot,'Food'

Like they say, there aren’t many things bet­ter on a cold win­ter morn­ing than a hot bowl of oat­meal. And if one is talk­ing ‘healthy’ here, rolled oats are as good as it gets. Th­ese are whole­grain oats that have been steamed and pressed with a roller to flat­ten them, and take about five min­utes to cook—as against instant oats, which are ba­si­cally very thinly pressed rolled oats and are ready as soon as you mix them in hot wa­ter. So, any­way, we’ve all heard that oat­meal is good for us. It’s full of fi­bre, low­ers choles­terol, and keeps one full all morn­ing.

So, how much is the fi­bre con­tent in them? Equally im­por­tant, how much is the crude fi­bre con­tent, for

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