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Gov­ern­ing bod­ies such as Food Safety and Stan­dards Au­thor­ity of In­dia (FSSAI) and stan­dards such as Codex Ali­men­ta­r­ius have made it com­pul­sory to de­clare food ad­di­tives on the la­bel and have also set a cer­tain limit for ad­di­tion of food ad­di­tives in a food item. On food la­bels, cer­tain food ad­di­tives ap­pear as num­bers. Food ad­di­tives are given a par­tic­u­lar ‘E’ num­ber and class to give them a com­mon recog­ni­tion glob­ally.

Some com­monly added ad­di­tives in sauces and chut­neys and their im­pact on health are de­scribed here.


To de­lay the spoil­ing of food stuffs by micro­organ­isms, anti-mi­cro­bial sub­stances are used which in­hibit, de­lay, or pre­vent the growth and pro­lif­er­a­tion

Th­ese bring out the flavour of a par­tic­u­lar food item or en­hance its flavour. Monosodium glu­ta­mate (MSG) and dis­odium 5’-guany­late are the per­mit­ted en­hancers for chut­neys and sauces.

Th­ese en­hancers are not safe for ba­bies be­low 12 weeks and hence must not be con­sumed by their lac­tat­ing moth­ers. Th­ese must also be avoided by peo­ple with gout/uric acid ex­cess.

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