Packet Fried Foods and Food Ad­di­tives

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These are highly ef­fec­tive syn­thetic an­tiox­i­dants used in com­bi­na­tion as preser­va­tives in food items that have un­sat­u­rated veg­etable oils and ed­i­ble an­i­mal fats. They pre­vent ox­i­da­tion even in the pres­ence of strong ox­i­dis­ing agents and thereby pre­serve the flavour and aroma of the recipe to which they are added. They ex­tend the shelf life of the prod­uct. They are known to be car­cino­genic and in­duce hy­per­ac­tiv­ity in chil­dren. To iden­tify BHA, TBHQ and BHT on food la­bel as food ad­di­tives, one could re­fer to the E num­bers E319, E320 and E321.


Olestra is an in­di­gestible fat sub­sti­tute used in fried and baked foods. It also pre­serves fats and pre­vents them from be­com­ing ran­cid. Olestra has many ill ef­fects on health – it in­hibits ab­sorp­tion of cer­tain nu­tri­ents and is linked to gas­troin­testi­nal dis­eases such as di­ar­rhoea, gas, cramps and gas­troin­testi­nal bleed­ing, and can also re­sult in hy­per­ac­tiv­ity, asthma, der­mati­tis, chronic ur­ticaria, im­bal­anced es­tro­gen lev­els, etc.

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