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Based on the over­all test find­ings, lesser known brand Lazer is the top performer and is fol­lowed by Usha and Marc. Lazer is also the value-for-money brand. Nine out of 10 brands tested did not meet the re­quire­ment of BEE on air de­liv­ery – the key per­for­mance pa­ram­e­ter. Lazer was the ex­cep­tion. How­ever, all brands met the re­quire­ment of In­dian Stan­dards. Air de­liv­ery was found to be less than 210 m3/min ex­cept in the case of Lazer. In or­der to qual­ify for BEE’s star rat­ing, it is re­quired that air de­liv­ery be not less than 210 m3/min. Higher the ‘air de­liv­ery’, bet­ter the breeze. As per the test re­sults, only Lazer met the re­quire­ments of five-star rat­ing in terms of ser­vice value (4.46 ), power con­sump­tion (48.88 watts) and air de­liv­ery ( 218.03 m3/min). It may be noted that higher the ‘ser­vice value’, bet­ter the en­ergy ef­fi­ciency and air de­liv­ered. Also, lower the ‘power in­put’, less the elec­tric­ity bill. All the brands passed in the ser­vice value test. All the brands were found to be en­ergy-ef­fi­cient, con­sum­ing be­tween 48.88 watts and 51.25 watts. Only two brands, Lazer and V-Guard, had the ISI mark. How­ever, while both met the re­quire­ment of In­dian Stan­dards, V-Guard did not meet the re­quire­ments of BEE’s five-star rat­ing in terms of air de­liv­ery. None of the 10 brands pro­vided a stan­dard speed reg­u­la­tor com­pat­i­ble with the fan, of­ten lead­ing to us­age of sub-stan­dard reg­u­la­tors by users and thereby pos­si­bly af­fect­ing the fan’s per­for­mance. Ori­ent was the heav­i­est at 3.586 kg V-Guard weighed the least at only 2.936 kg (mo­tor with blades).

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