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The fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion shall be clearly and in­deli­bly marked on the la­bel of each con­tainer/ packet as per Food Safety and Stan­dards (Pack­ag­ing and La­belling) Reg­u­la­tions and Legal Metrol­ogy (Pack­aged Com­modi­ties) Rules: a) Name of the prod­uct b) Trade name, if any c) Name and ad­dress of man­u­fac­turer d) Batch or code num­ber

Unit Price

The unit price gives a fair idea about the cheap­est and costli­est brands. Max­i­mum Re­tail Price (MRP) (Rs) Net Weight in Grams Unit price of 100 Grams (Rs)

Cus­tomer-Care De­tails

As per Legal Metrol­ogy (Pack­aged Com­modi­ties) Rules, 2011, ev­ery pack­age shall bear the name, ad­dress, tele­phone num­ber, and email ad­dress, if avail­able, of the per­son who can be – or the of­fice that can be – con­tacted in case of con­sumer com­plaints. Sl No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Brand Brand Apollo Dabur Glu­covita Glu­con-D Nice Mul­tani Stenza Dabur 30 200 15 Cus­tomer Care No. 011 30837575 120 4181100 1800425196­9 1800102544­4 9953686466 0965435071­1 040 66743000 Stenza 40 250 16 Ob­ser­va­tion Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Mul­tani 43 240 e) Net quan­tity in gram or kg f) Month and year of man­u­fac­ture g) The words ‘Best be­fore’ (month and year to be

in­di­cated) h) Nu­tri­tional in­for­ma­tion i) FSSAI li­cense num­ber j) Logo in­di­cat­ing ‘veg­e­tar­ian’ or ‘non-veg­e­tar­ian’

sta­tus k) Stor­age in­for­ma­tion l) Max­i­mum Re­tail Price (MRP) m) Cus­tomer-care de­tails

17.92 Glu­con-D 36 200 18 Email ID Apollo 20 100 20 cus­tomer­[email protected]­lophar­ con­sumer­[email protected] feed­[email protected] con­sumer.feed­[email protected] Nice_phar­ma­ceu­ti­[email protected]­ con­sumer­[email protected]­ta­ni­ we­[email protected]­ Glu­covita 23 100 23 Nice 54 200 27 Ob­ser­va­tion Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing Work­ing

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