Uten­sil Bars Which of these 10 scrubs and shines them best?

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Some­thing called sur­face-ac­tive agent acts on the sur­face of the ma­te­rial/ar­ti­cle by re­duc­ing sur­face ten­sion and con­verts the soil, grease and oily mat­ters into a state of so­lu­tion or dis­per­sion that can be washed away. That, es­sen­tially, sums up what your reg­u­lar dish­wash­ing/ uten­sil bar does or is ex­pected to do. And well, the claims to su­pe­ri­or­ity and dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion are all out there, rang­ing from ‘sparkling clean’, ‘touch and shine’, ‘aquashine’, ‘zero wastage’ and ‘anti-bac­te­rial’ to ‘pow­ered with lime/wood ash/ac­tive boost­ers’ and even ‘100% veg­e­tar­ian’. Take your pick. At we picked up sam­ples of the widely avail­able and pop­u­lar brands of these bars and sub­jected them to the rigours of lab tests to as­sess their per­for­mance on pa­ram­e­ters de­fined by the na­tional stan­dards.

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The pa­ram­e­ters cov­ered es­sen­tial ar­eas rang­ing from ba­sics like pack­ag­ing, mark­ings on pack­ets and weight, to qual­ity in­di­ca­tors such as sol­u­bil­ity, al­ka­lin­ity, lather pro­duc­tion and, of course, their abil­ity to clean and shine. Over­all, the test pro­gramme was car­ried out based on In­dian Stan­dard IS: 6047:2009. The per­for­mance tests were con­ducted on new/fresh stain­less steel plates as per IS guide­lines. Among other things, the bars were dipped in wa­ter to check for mushi­ness and for tough-soil clean­ing ef­fi­ciency, and plates were heated in an oven at 325 de­grees C for about two min­utes.

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