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vi­ta­min C in their prod­ucts and so test­ing was not done. Vi­ta­min C con­tent in the other two brands was found

very less against their la­bel claim. Brand Wild Vi­ta­min Drink Cof­fee Day Vi­ta­min-En­riched Wa­ter Lab. Re­sults (mg/100 ml) 0.564 0.228 La­bel Claim (mg/100 ml) 2.5 12 Cof­fee Day Vi­ta­min-En­riched Wa­ter and Wild Vi­ta­min Drink have not claimed sodium in their prod­ucts and so test­ing was not done. Sodium con­tent in 7up Re­vive Hy­dro­tonic Drink and O’cean Fruit Wa­ter was found to be less than the la­bel claim. Brand 7up Re­vive Hy­dro­tonic Drink O’cean Fruit Wa­ter Lab Re­sults (mg/100 ml) 59.4 3.31 La­bel Claim (mg/100 ml) 74 5

Potas­sium’s pri­mary func­tions in the body in­clude reg­u­lat­ing fluid bal­ance and con­trol­ling the elec­tri­cal ac­tiv­ity of the heart and other mus­cles. Potas­sium is an elec­trolyte that coun­ter­acts the ef­fects of sodium, help­ing to main­tain a healthy blood pres­sure. It is also needed to main­tain acid-base bal­ance.

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