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a) RO sys­tems are use­ful where the TDS lev­els are above 1,000 mg/litre and hard­ness is on the higher side. If the mu­nic­i­pal wa­ter sup­ply is quite sat­is­fac­tory and has per­mis­si­ble TDS lev­els, RO pu­ri­fiers are not re­quired – UV pu­ri­fiers should be used in­stead. b) So, get your wa­ter tested. A wa­ter test will spec­ify many fac­tors. It will also help you make a de­ci­sion based on facts and fig­ures. For ex­am­ple, if the wa­ter has a very high amount of mag­ne­sium, flu­o­ride, ni­trates or cal­cium salts, RO pu­ri­fier will be the best for you. c) If the wa­ter sup­plied at your location is highly con­tam­i­nated (with mi­crobes, bac­te­ria and virus) and is dirty as well, RO/UF + UV pu­ri­fiers are the best so­lu­tion. The UV rays de­stroy the mi­crobes and the RO/ UF fil­ters out their dead bod­ies and other con­tam­i­nants.

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