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To­tal Dis­solved Solids To­tal dis­solved solids (TDS) re­fer to the com­bined con­tent of all in­or­ganic and or­ganic sub­stance con­tained in a liq­uid; these are present in a molec­u­lar, iodised, or mi­cro-gran­u­lar sus­pended form. RO sys­tems are specif­i­cally de­signed to ef­fec­tively re­move TDS to a great ex­tent. Where the TDS level of sup­ply/ground wa­ter is high, from 1,000 up to 2,500–3,000, it is rec­om­mended that RO sys­tems be in­stalled for drink­ing-wa­ter pur­pose. A spe­cial cel­lu­lose mem­brane car­tridge plays a key role in re­mov­ing TDS from the in­put wa­ter.

As per In­dian Stan­dard, an RO sys­tem shall re­duce TDS level of feed wa­ter to less than or equal to 500 mg/l. Some brands re­duced the TDS level to be­low 100, which is also not de­sir­able due to their re­duc­ing the in­take level of es­sen­tial min­er­als.

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