Can the Waste Be Used?

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a) First thing: test the TDS in the waste-wa­ter stream. If the TDS is be­low 1,000, you can use the wa­ter in your plants. b) Al­ter­nately, mix some of that wa­ter with tap wa­ter to mop the house. Make sure you di­lute it with tap wa­ter be­cause if the TDS is high and you use just the RO waste to mop the floor, you may see some salt de­po­si­tion af­ter the wa­ter dries. c) You can use the waste wa­ter to clean the sewage pipe at home or kitchen be­cause of its saline na­ture. d) You can use it to flush toi­lets. Taste and Odour Taste and odour of out­put wa­ter should be ac­cept­able; in other words, there should not be any bad odour or taste.

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