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High­est vi­ta­min C was found in Zandu Sona Chandi (30.4 mg/100 gm) and low­est in Baidyanath Ke­sari Kalp (7.8 mg/100 gm). Brand Zandu Sona Chandi Ham­dard Patan­jali Dabur Hi­malaya Mul­tani Apollo Baidyanath Ke­sari Kalp Lab Re­sults (mg/100 grams) 30.4 29.8 25.4 14.8 14.4 13.8 12.7 7.8

Lead is an ex­tremely toxic metal and af­fects the liver, kid­neys, the re­pro­duc­tive sys­tem and the ner­vous sys­tem. Lead ex­po­sure can hap­pen qui­etly and causes per­ma­nent prob­lems, es­pe­cially to the brain.

As per Govern­ment of In­dia Vol­un­tary Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Scheme for AYUSH Prod­ucts, the per­mis­si­ble limit for lead is 10 ppm (parts per mil­lion) for AYUSH Stan­dard Mark. So, lower lead con­tent is bet­ter for con­sumers. All the tested brands were within the re­quired limit. Low­est lead con­tent was found in Patan­jali and

Mul­tani; it was high­est in Baidyanath Ke­sari Kalp. Brand Patan­jali Mul­tani Dabur Hi­malaya Zandu Sona Chandi Ham­dard Apollo Baidyanath Ke­sari Kalp Lab Re­sults (ppm) Be­low de­tec­tion limit* Be­low de­tec­tion limit* 0.06 0.06 0.10 0.14 0.25 0.30

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