To­tal Bac­te­rial Count

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Bad bac­te­ria can cause dis­ease, food poi­son­ing, bad odours, and de­cay of food and or­ganic ma­te­rial. As per Govern­ment of In­dia Vol­un­tary Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Scheme for Ayush Prod­ucts, the per­mis­si­ble limit for to­tal plate count is 100,000 (one lakh) per gram for AYUSH Stan­dard Mark. So, lower count is bet­ter for con­sumers. The low­est bac­te­rial count was found in Hi­malaya

and Ham­dard; the high­est was in Patan­jali. Brand Hi­malaya Ham­dard Apollo Baidyanath Ke­sari Kalp Dabur Zandu Sona Chandi Mul­tani Patan­jali Lab Re­sults (cfu/gram) Less than 10 Less than 10

Gold (Sona) and Sil­ver (Chandi)

360 400 520 570 650 760

The gold pro­vides a boost of en­ergy to the body and re­ju­ve­nates it from within. It also strength­ens the im­mu­nity sys­tem, keeps the car­diac mus­cles healthy, and im­proves blood cir­cu­la­tion in the body.

The sil­ver is ben­e­fi­cial to the ner­vous sys­tem. It im­proves the nerves, boosts mem­ory, en­hances the health of the brain, and in­creases the men­tal power of a per­son.

Only two brands, Baidyanath Ke­sari Kalp and Zandu Sona Chandi, claimed to have gold and sil­ver in their prod­ucts, and so we ar­ranged for lab test­ing for these brands only. In both brands, gold and sil­ver were found to be less

than their la­bel claims. Brand Baidyanath Ke­sari Kalp Zandu Sona Chandi La­bel Claim (mg/100 gm) 1.0 0.0533 Gold Lab Re­sults (mg/100 gm) 0.02 0.0200

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