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Del Monte 7.82 8.15 4.65 3.82 3.51 4 2.25 1.56 3 2.38 41.14 Kis­san 9.8 7.3 3.81 3.64 3.11 4 2.42 1.58 3 1.95 40.61 745 cfu/ml, but that was within the spec­i­fied limit. All the other brands had a TPC of less than 10 cfu/ml.

FOR SEN­SORY AT­TRIBUTES Sen­sory panel tests were con­ducted in a test lab, in­volv­ing tech­ni­cal ex­perts. The tests were car­ried out un­der the guid­ance and su­per­vi­sion of tech­ni­cal ex­perts. The fol­low­ing pa­ram­e­ters were judged by the pan­el­lists and rat­ings were then given on a five-point scale. The pa­ram­e­ters were as per guide­lines set by the In­dian Stan­dard.

a) Colour: The colour of tomato ketchup should be a char­ac­ter­is­tic red, rea­son­ably uni­form, and free from any black­en­ing of sur­face or any dis­col­oration.

b) Con­sis­tency: Tomato ketchup should have good fluid con­sis­tency and uni­form tex­ture. It should not have ten­dency of sep­a­ra­tion.

c) Taste and flavour: Tomato ketchup should have an ap­peal­ing flavour and should be free from any scorched, burnt or other ob­jec­tion­able flavour.

d) Ab­sence of de­fects: It should be prac­ti­cally Maggi 5 3 1.5 Weik­field 5 3 1.6 Del Monte 5 3 1.5 Kis­san 5 3 1.5

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