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• Traf­fic light for fat was am­ber for O’Yes – this means eat oc­ca­sion­ally (neu­tral). For all the other brands, it was red – this means eat spar­ingly (un­de­sir­able). • Traf­fic light for sugar was am­ber for O’Yes – this means eat oc­ca­sion­ally. For all other brands, it was green – this means one may eat them of­ten (de­sir­able). • While dec­la­ra­tion of sodium or salt on food prod­ucts la­bel is not manda­tory as per In­dian law, sodium was de­clared by Kurkure, Chul­bule, O’Yes, Chatax and Fun Stix. This is a good, con­sumer-friendly prac­tice on the part of these brands. • Traf­fic light for salt was red for Kurkure, Chul­bule, O’Yes, Chatax and FUN Stix – this means eat spar­ingly. Traf­fic light in­ter­pre­ta­tion for salt could not be done for the other brands as they had not de­clared sodium/salt on their la­bels. • Con­sump­tion of 100 grams of Fun Stix means that 58 per cent of one’s daily re­quire­ment of salt has been met.

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