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green and white tea all orig­i­nate from the Camel­lia sinen­sis plant. Their dif­fer­ences come from the meth­ods by which they are pro­cessed. The buds and young leaves are steamed and dried to pro­duce white tea. Green tea is made from ma­ture leaves that go through the same process as white tea. When the leaves are rolled or bro­ken and al­lowed to ox­i­dise or fer­ment, the re­sult is black tea. Broadly, tea is clas­si­fied as ortho­dox or CTC (crush-tear-curl). Ortho­dox teas are whole-leaf teas man­u­fac­tured us­ing the tra­di­tional process of mak­ing tea, which in­volves pluck­ing, with­er­ing, rolling, ox­i­da­tion/fer­men­ta­tion and dry­ing. CTC teas pro­duce a gran­u­lar leaf par­ti­cle. It pro­duces a very strong flavour, quickly in­fus­ing tea that is of­ten boiled or used in tea bags.

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