Frozen Dessert

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Frozen dessert/frozen con­fec­tion means the prod­uct ob­tained by freez­ing a pas­teurised mix pre­pared with milk fat and/or ed­i­ble vegetable oils and fat hav­ing a melt­ing point of not more than 37 de­grees Centi­grade, and milk pro­tein alone or in com­bi­na­tion/or vegetable pro­tein prod­ucts singly or in com­bi­na­tion with the ad­di­tion of nu­tri­tive sweet­en­ing agents, fruit and fruit prod­ucts, eggs and egg prod­ucts, cof­fee, co­coa, choco­late, condi­ments, spices, gin­ger and nuts. The said prod­uct may also con­tain bak­ery prod­ucts such as cake or cook­ies as a sep­a­rate layer or coat­ing, and it may be frozen hard or frozen to a soft con­sis­tency. It shall have a pleas­ant taste and be free from off-flavour and ran­cid­ity.

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