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• Wash­ing ma­chines can ac­count for as much as 20 per cent of the elec­tric­ity you use. • Use cold wa­ter – al­most 90 per cent of the en­ergy con­sumed by wash­ing ma­chines goes to heat­ing the wa­ter. Set the wash­ing ma­chine tem­per­a­ture to cold or warm and the rinse tem­per­a­ture to cold as of­ten as pos­si­ble. • Each wash cy­cle uses up to 60 to 90 litres of wa­ter. Use the wash­ing ma­chine on full load and plan wash­ing pe­ri­od­ic­ity to save on wa­ter too. • Adding too much de­ter­gent ac­tu­ally ham­pers ef­fec­tive wash­ing ac­tion and may re­quire more en­ergy in the form of ex­tra rinses. • Wash only full loads of cloth­ing, but do not over­load the ma­chine. Sort laun­dry load and sched­ule washes so that a com­plete job can be done with a few cy­cles of the ma­chine car­ry­ing its full ca­pac­ity, rather than a greater num­ber of cy­cles with light loads. • Soak or pre-wash the cloths for ef­fec­tive clean­ing.

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