Do You Want Your Wash­ing Ma­chine to Have These?

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Auto restart It restarts the ma­chine from the point when the cy­cle was in­ter­rupted. Au­to­matic drainage This fea­ture is quite com­mon in au­to­matic ma­chines and not so com­mon in semi­au­to­matic ma­chines. Child lock A self-ex­plana­tory fea­ture, this helps in keep­ing the wash­ing ma­chine safe from chil­dren’s ac­tiv­i­ties. Hot-wa­ter wash High-end wash­ing ma­chines come with the hot-wash op­tion. Wash-load sen­sor It en­ables the ma­chine to de­tect load vol­ume and fab­ric type, and adapt the wash­ing process. The load sen­sor also con­trols the amount of wa­ter used to match the load size.

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