When to File a Com­plaint?

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It is im­por­tant to know when to take a de­ci­sion re­gard­ing fil­ing of a com­plaint. One has to be prompt in this re­gard. Any de­lay that is un­jus­ti­fied may weaken the case and the buyer may not be able to seek the de­sir­able re­lief. Un­der RERA, there is no spe­cific time frame pro­vided for fil­ing a com­plaint but it should be filed just after the cause of ac­tion oc­curred, which means as soon as the vi­o­la­tion of terms and con­di­tions of the agree­ment has hap­pened or any vi­o­la­tion of RERA pro­vi­sions comes to knowl­edge.

How to File a Com­plaint?

A com­plaint can be filed un­der Sec­tion 31 of RERA with ei­ther the real es­tate reg­u­la­tory au­thor­ity or the ad­ju­di­cat­ing of­fi­cer. The com­plaint can be filed against pro­mot­ers, al­lot­tees, and/or real es­tate agents. Many state gov­ern­ments have laid out the pro­ce­dures for fil­ing ap­pli­ca­tions un­der RERA. The com­plaint must be in the form pre­scribed as per the re­spec­tive state govern­ment’s rules. If a buyer’s rights are vi­o­lated or any pro­vi­sion of the Act is con­tra­vened, a com­plaint can be filed un­der RERA in the for­mat pro­vided by the re­spec­tive state govern­ment. Buy­ers need to visit the RERA por­tal of the re­spec­tive state govern­ment. The fee for fil­ing a com­plaint un­der RERA varies from state to state – for ex­am­ple, in Ma­ha­rash­tra the fee is Rs 5,000, while in Kar­nataka and Ut­tar Pradesh it is Rs 1,000.

To ini­ti­ate a case un­der RERA, one needs to file an ap­pli­ca­tion with all the pos­si­ble de­tails and doc­u­ments. It is easy if you know what your case is and what re­lief you are seek­ing with re­gard to fil­ing the com­plaint un­der RERA. All your de­tails – such as project name, its ad­dress, to­tal value of the flat, and date of com­ple­tion – should be as per the agree­ment. Home­buy­ers should read the builder–buyer agree­ment very care­fully be­fore fil­ing a com­plaint un­der RERA,

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