Most Com­mon Food Adul­ter­ation

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Arge­mone oil Min­eral oil Karanja oil Cas­tor oil Yel­low ani­line dyes Ta­pi­oca starch Brick pow­der, saw­dust Ar­ti­fi­cial colours Coal tar dye Colour and sac­cha­rin Alu­minium leaves

The most com­monly adul­ter­ated foods in­clude milk and milk prod­ucts, atta (wheat flour), dal (pulses), oils (all cook­ing oils such as mus­tard oil and olive oil), ghee, ce­re­als, spices, pulses, cof­fee, honey, etc. The ta­ble here high­lights dan­ger­ous adul­ter­ants found com­monly in food stuff. For­eign resins like gal­banum, colophony resin Non-per­mit­ted coal tar dye (metanil yel­low) Wash­ing soda, chalk pow­der Mo­lasses sugar (sugar plus wa­ter) Cloves from which volatile oil has been ex­tracted Harm­ful Ef­fects Lathyrism cancer Used tea leaves pro­cessed and coloured Liver dis­or­der Tamarind seed, date seed pow­der Di­ar­rhoea Un­hy­gienic wa­ter and starch Stom­ach dis­or­der Er­got (a fun­gus con­tain­ing poi­sonous sub­stance) Chalk pow­der Pa­paya seeds and light berries Arge­mone seeds Poi­sonous to health Stom­ach dis­or­der Stom­ach, liver prob­lems Epi­demic dropsy and glau­coma Loss of eye­sight, heart dis­eases, tu­mour Dam­age to liver, car­cino­genic ef­fects Heart prob­lems, liver dam­age Stom­ach prob­lem Dy­sen­tery Car­cino­genic Stom­ach dis­or­der Stom­ach prob­lems Cancer Metanil yel­low is toxic and car­cino­genic Vom­it­ing, di­ar­rhoea Stom­ach pain, ul­cer Cancer Stom­ach dis­or­der Stom­ach dis­or­der Eco­nomic ben­e­fits

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