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Solo mi­crowave ovens are en­try-level mod­els for sim­ple/lim­ited cook­ing. Best fit: for re­heat, sim­ple cook­ing.

Grill mi­crowave ovens

These are pro­vided with ad­di­tional grilling ac­ces­sories. They are suit­able for re­heat­ing, cook­ing and grilling.

Con­vec­tion mi­crowave ovens

Con­vec­tion mi­crowave ovens use a fan and a heat­ing el­e­ment to cre­ate air­flow pat­terns in­side the mi­crowave oven. These are best for re­heat­ing, cook­ing, grilling and bak­ing.

What Size/Ca­pac­ity?

The size that is best suited for you will de­pend on the num­ber of fam­ily mem­bers and how of­ten you are likely to use the mi­crowave oven. In In­dia, the mi­crowave oven is used more to warm the food than to cook. In gen­eral, up to 20 litres is suf­fi­cient for a fam­ily of 2 to 3 per­sons; 21 litres–30 litres for a medium-sized fam­ily; and above 31 litres for a large fam­ily or large cook­ing.

What Is the Us­able Cav­ity Vol­ume?

Gen­er­ally, man­u­fac­tur­ers men­tion the vol­ume (in litres) of the mi­crowave, in­clud­ing all the in­ter­nal space in the in­side cav­ity. But this vol­ume isn’t the

Apart from reg­u­lar fea­tures like auto de­frost, mul­tistage cook­ing and cook­ing-menu but­tons, check out the fol­low­ing be­fore mak­ing your choice.

Child safety lock: This will pre­vent chil­dren from op­er­at­ing the mi­crowave oven ac­ci­den­tally.

Power rat­ing: Check out the power rat­ing. Mi­crowave ovens come in the range of 600 to 1,500 watts. More watts mean faster cook­ing as it gen­er­ates higher heat and in less time.

Cook­ing sen­sors: These hu­mid­ity-sens­ing sen­sors de­ter­mine the hu­mid­ity in the food item you are about to cook in the mi­crowave and ac­cord­ingly de­ter­mine the cook­ing time. You should look for this fea­ture while buy­ing your mi­crowave oven as it will elim­i­nate the guess­work from your cook­ing and avoid over­cook­ing of food.

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