10 Tips for Op­ti­mal Use of ACs

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1. Do not in­stall AC units on walls that are ex­posed to di­rect sun­light through a ma­jor part of the day dur­ing sum­mers. 2. Re­duce air-con­di­tion­ing en­ergy use by as much as 40 per cent by shad­ing your home as win­dows and walls. Plant trees to keep the day’s hottest sun off your house. 3. Try turn­ing your AC down at night and uti­lize the "sleep mode" which low­ers the out­put on a timer. 4. One will use 3 to 5 per cent less en­ergy for each de­gree air con­di­tioner is set above 25 de­grees C to pro­vide the most com­fort at the least cost. Keep­ing ACs at (24–26 de­grees C) can save elec­tric­ity. 5. Us­ing ceil­ing fans al­lows you to set the tem­per­a­ture higher be­cause the air move­ment will cool the room. 6. Clean the air-con­di­tioner fil­ter ev­ery month. Clean fil­ters en­able the unit to cool down quickly and use less en­ergy. 7. Have your air con­di­tion­ing unit checked if the Freon gas level is not cor­rect, you will waste a lot of en­ergy and your home will never be as cool as you want it. 8. The gaps around the win­dows and doors leads to en­ergy loss. In­su­late your room prop­erly. 9. Buy in­verter or split ACs in­stead of win­dow ACs. They cost more, but they are more en­ergy ef­fi­cient and con­sume lesser elec­tric­ity. 10. Switch to evap­o­ra­tive cool­ers from air con­di­tion­ers dur­ing hot/dry sum­mer days.

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