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On a cos­metic pack

Parabens are quoted on the la­bel as: • Methyl­paraben • Butyl­paraben • Propy­l­paraben • Ethyl­paraben • Ben­zyl­paraben • Isobutyl­paraben

On a food pack

Parabens in food packs are quoted as E num­bers.

They are men­tioned in the in­gre­di­ents list. Parabens com­monly used as food ad­di­tives are:

• Methyl­paraben (E218)

• Heptyl­paraben (E209)

Prod­ucts with the claim‘Paraben free’

Although the jury is out on the con­nec­tion be­tween parabens and hu­man health, there is a grow­ing band of prod­ucts claim­ing to be parabens­free. Ap­par­ently, prod­ucts that claim to be parabens-free use al­ter­na­tive preser­va­tives such as phe­noxyethano­l, sodium ben­zoate, potas­sium sor­bate, ne­olone, op­tiphen plus, hy­dan­toin, gly­cacil, na­tru­lon and ben­zetho­nium chlo­ride.

Parabens are used ex­ten­sively in some of the most com­monly used per­sonal-care prod­ucts like sham­poo and soap

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