Cre­ate a Pro­file He Can’t Re­sist

Ex­perts have mined info from mil­lions of on­line-dat­ing-sites. Use these tips to work your own Face­book, dat­ing, or so­cial net­work­ing page to at­tract a bevy of A-list guys...

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Game, set,


1. Post 3 High-qual­ity Pics

Stats from Okcupid found that the bet­ter the qual­ity of your cam­era, the hot­ter you’ll look.

2. Up­date Fre­quently

Once a week, swap in a new picture or give up­dates about what you’ve been do­ing lately, like a trip to Goa. The more you up­date your pro­file,

the more at­ten­tion you at­tract.

3. Sug­gest a Date

Men­tion some­thing you’d love to do in the first line of your pro­file. Like: “Dy­ing to go and play a game of bil­liards.” Guys will know what you’re game for.

4. Show Your Face and Your Body

Okcupid found that the most at­trac­tive pic­tures of women are the ones where they are look­ing at the

cam­era and mak­ing a flirty face.

5. Give Him Some­thing to Talk About

Re­search found that women who show pics of them­selves do­ing some­thing in­ter­est­ing, get the

most mes­sages that lead to con­ver­sa­tions.

6. Sim­ple but Spe­cific

Be spe­cific— “Bak­ing mouth-wa­ter­ing brown­ies for friends”. You are now an in­di­vid­ual in­stead of a list of

generic words.

Keep the news com­ing

Brownie ma­nia, savour them

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