29 Try the con­stant-flick tech­nique: your guy darts his tongue rapidly against your lady bits.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST -

30 Flash him when he opens the car door for you. The Au­tumn 2011 ad for Agent Provo­ca­teur fea­tures ac­tress Paz de la Huerta do­ing just this.

31 When he en­ters you on all fours, lie on your stom­ach. This way he can’t pen­e­trate you too deeply.

32 Dig your nails into the un­der­side of his butt cheeks as you per­form oral on him— that area is ex­tremely sen­si­tive.

33 When he’s close but you’re not, Steven Lamm, MD, says to squeeze the head of his pe­nis gen­tly, which de­creases sen­sa­tion.

34 “There’s noth­ing wrong with a nice garter belt... i love that some­times.” —Heidi Klum 35 Don’t get stuck in a kiss­ing rut. Ex­per­i­ment with soft and sen­sual, rough and pas­sion­ate, or plain tongue-led on dif­fer­ent days.

36 Let the Game of Thrones in­spire you to do the deed in a place where you might be caught.

37 When he’s go­ing down on you, tell him to trace a hot mes­sage on your bits.

38 Have ‘com­fort sex.’ Ian Kerner, PH.D., coined the term on his web­site, Good in Bed. “It’s like or­der­ing take­out from your fave Chi­nese res­tau­rant. There’s no need to pon­der the menu, but the meal is al­ways yummy.”

39 Have a naked pil­low fight.

40 Get in the tub, and bring a cup of ice

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