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- By Stacey Wolf

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21–FEB. 18) Strengths: Imaginativ­e, spontaneou­s, witty Weaknesses: Defiant, inconsiste­nt What makes you sexy:

You are comfortabl­e in your skin and aren’t afraid to voice your opinion. Your birthday month:

Inquisitiv­e Neptune has you trying all sorts of new things near the 3rd. Say yes to invites as one will spark serious passion. Dating tip:

The alluring Sun amps up your mojo near the 18th, making men flock to you. Love advice:

Close to the 9th, pleasure-seeking Uranus will have you all riled up. Rather than going out on a Friday night, stay in for a marathon sex session with your man. Take turns exploring new pleasure spots by kissing each other all over. Pisces (FEB. 19–MARCH 20) Get ready for a transforma­tion near the 24th, when the energising Moon shakes things up. Bored at work? In a romance rut? Not anymore... Aries (MARCH 21–APRIL 20) Relaxing Pluto has you craving quiet time near the 23rd. Plan for drinks at a cosy wine bar with a pal instead of a rager. Taurus (APRIL 21–MAY 21) When your BFF is reminiscin­g about her ex near the 20th, the loyal Moon says take her mind off things by spending Saturday getting manis.

Gemini (MAY 22–JUNE 21) Work is hellish near the 15th. When you come in early (again!), charming Neptune says bring a croissant for your boss. It’ll score major bonus points. Cancer (JUNE 22–JULY 22) Near the 19th, the audacious Sun boosts your confidence. Now’s the time to pitch that work idea you had postponed. Leo (JULY 23–AUG.23) Daring Jupiter makes you fearless the week of the 25th. Try something adventurou­s, like heading to a party solo. Virgo (AUG. 24–SEPT. 23) Perceptive Venus makes you psychic after the 7th, especially in guy-related situations. Give your insight to friends; one needs to hear it. Libra (SEPT. 24–OCT. 23) Near the 20th, refreshing Mars says have a beach-themed party. Make bathing suits mandatoory. Scorpio (OCT. 24–2 NOV. 22) Flirty Neeptune reigns near the 14th, meaning it’s easy to charm thhe pants off anyone. Head to a bar with the girls and buddy up with the maître d’. He’ll squeeze you in ASAP. Sagittariu­s (NOV. 23–DEC. 22) When new neighbours move in around the 23rd, the social Moon says invite them to a party. Turns out, they have cool friends who will expand your circle. Capricorn (DEC. 23–JAN. 20) You’ve been feeling kind of blah at work, so at month’s end, the dynamic Sun says to shake things up. Volunteer to spearhead a major project. It’ll be the refreshing experience you need.

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