Do You Know When a Guy Likes You?

Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ -


pal tells you a guy across the bar just checked you out. You say:

a “Him and ev­ery other dude. Have you seen my ass in th­ese jeans?”

b “I’m go­ing to walk by him to see if he stops me to chat.”

c “He prob­a­bly thinks I look like some­one he knows.”

2 Be­fore a sec­ond date, you get a text: “Feel­ing sick. All right if we resched­ule?” You re­spond by tex­ting back:

a “Of course. Feel bet­ter!”

b “If you don’t want to hang tonight, no prob.”

c “I’m happy to chill on the couch with you. I’ll bring soup!” 3 A cute guy just started at work. When he asks to pick your brain over cof­fee, you: a In­clude an­other co-worker who is great at giv­ing ad­vice.

b Check the HR dat­ing pol­icy to make sure it’s cool to get with him.

c Are in­trigued and pick a quiet spot so the two of you can re­ally talk. 4 You’re at a party, and your BFF is in the other room when her new boyfriend says you look hot. You:

a Pull your friend aside and tell her. She de­serves to know.

b Give him brownie points for suck­ing up to his girl’s friend.

c Shrug it off for now. But if it hap­pens again, you’ll speak up. 5 A male friend kisses you af­ter a night out. You:

a Call your mu­tual friends and tell them he’s crush­ing on you.

b Text him the next day and ask what that was about.

c Chalk it up to his hav­ing one too many beers.


One...two... three...blink!

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