Cosmo read­ers share their most shock­ing sto­ries and steami­est se­crets.

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“My friend and I live together, and she is so sloppy. She is al­ways leav­ing messes in the kitchen, and no mat­ter how nicely I ask her to help with the chores, she doesn’t lis­ten. One day, I was clean­ing out the fridge and ac­ci­den­tally knocked a leftover bowl of her pasta onto the floor. The noo­dles went ev­ery­where. Fed up with her messes, I scooped the noo­dles back into the bowl and put them in the fridge with­out say­ing a word. I got to en­joy my silent re­venge when she re­heated them the next day!” —Nina


“I had been flirt­ing with this cute guy who was the DJ for the night at a friend’s party. He agreed to play my fave song and dared me to do my sex­i­est dance across the room. I’m not shy, so I started strut­ting my stuff. Sud­denly, my heel hit a lime slice that some­one had dropped. I lit­er­ally slid across the room and landed on top of a group’s ta­ble, knock­ing over all their drinks. My crush stopped the mu­sic, and ev­ery­one was star­ing. I ran out the door with­out say­ing bye.” —Sa­maira


“I went to a karaoke party with a bunch of friends and when we walked in, I saw a re­ally cute guy sit­ting at one of the ta­bles, so grabbed a seat next to him. The first peo­ple to go on­stage were two women who were re­ally aw­ful. I made a comment to my friend about how they should never sing in pub­lic again. Then I turned to the hot­tie and said, ‘Wow, they sucked, huh?’ He replied, ‘Ac­tu­ally, I think my sis­ters did a pretty good job.’ I tried to pre­tend I was jok­ing, but it was too late. I kept quiet for the rest of the night...and so did he.”



“I had just started a new job when my fe­male boss an­nounced that she was tak­ing us on a hike as a team-build­ing ex­er­cise. I was ex­cited, be­cause I knew it’d help me get to know ev­ery­one. Half­way up the trail, I sud­denly had to pee and there were no bath­rooms around. Not want­ing to an­nounce it, I let ev­ery­one walk ahead and then snuck into an area with lots of trees. I was mid­stream, when my boss crashed through the bushes. She had come search­ing for me. I quickly pulled up my pants, and my boss turned bright did I!” —Gau­tam

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