11 Things SIN­GLE GIRLS Have That Taken Girls Don’t

Need a re­minder of why be­ing un­at­tached rocks? Here, have 11.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - YOU, YOU, YOU - By An­nie Daly


The abil­ity to buy an im­promptu solo plane ticket to Goa seven min­utes

be­fore the on­line deal ex­pires be­cause, no, you don’t have to use all your va­ca­tion days sit­ting at home,

play­ing Halo.


An im­pres­sive panties col­lec­tion. Just one of the perks of hav­ing a sex life

that’s all about first im­pres­sions.


A glo­ri­ous fridge full of Mer­lot, low­fat cheese, and home-made pickle. Ah, the joys of not hav­ing to stock your place with ‘dude food’.


A heavy ro­ta­tion of free-drink­ing es­tab­lish­ments. The cute guys stand­ing across the bar do not send across on-the­house cock­tails to chicks

with boyfriends.


The right to throw down ` 10,000 for

your best bud’s epic birthday week­end with­out any guilt what­so­ever.

Um, sav­ing for your man’s Valen­tine’s present... huh? A clean bar of soap in the shower at all times. And by clean, we mean

to­tally man hair-free.



Epic job-in­ter­view skills. When you’re an­swer­ing first-date ques­tions all the freakin’ time, you pretty much

have your spiel down to a sci­ence.


The free­dom to leave your iPhone on the cof­fee ta­ble with­out wor­ry­ing that

(1) your ex will de­cide to call right when your boyfriend walks by and (2) you will then have to ex­plain why his spe­cial ring­tone is still Why I Love

You by Jay-Z and Kanye.


A wardrobe that’s ob­vi­ously skewed to­wards Satur­day night out­fits (ver­sus Sun­day af­ter­noon fleece track­suits).


The un­canny abil­ity to tell your friend that the guy sit­ting two booths over is a 26-year-old lawyer, prefers Mad Men Sea­son 2 to Sea­son 3, and wants to meet a girl as fly as Nicki Mi­naj. What? You’ve

per­fected a sci­ence!


You don’t have to stay home be­cause your boyfriend, who is trav­el­ling for work abroad, said he’d def­i­nitely call ‘be­tween 6pm and 10pm’ while the rest of your sin­gle friends hit the cool

new wa­ter­ing hole in town.

Bikini, per­fect hair, surf board? Check, check, check! Now all she needed was keys to get the car go­ing

She took the colour­block­ing trend a bit too far

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