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“I seem to work too much...i al­ways have things to do!”

IJude Law:

n a con­test where male celebri­ties were judged for equal parts of looks, sex ap­peal, hu­mour, and smarts, Jude Law would likely emerge the undis­puted win­ner. I know this be­cause I re­cently met him in Paris, for a Vogue Eye­wear for Men event (he’s their brand am­bas­sador), and had a tough time fo­cus­ing on my in­ter­view be­cause of all the above traits. Swoon­wor­thi­ness aside, there’s a lot go­ing on in Jude’s life, in­clud­ing sev­eral new projects. Here, the dishy star opens up about his new film Anna Karen­ina, be­ing the face of Vogue Eye­wear and his up­com­ing trip to In­dia.

COSMO: You are one of the world’s hottest men... how do you deal with all the at­ten­tion you re­ceive?

JUDE LAW: “That’s a com­pli­ment, thank you, but to be hon­est, I don’t think it’s some­thing you can let your life be gov­erned by. Of course, as an ac­tor, you have to play dif­fer­ent roles, and some­times it’s im­por­tant to be per­ceived as glam­orous, but to stay sane, you have to re­mind your­self on a daily ba­sis and live in a world of nor­mal­ity.”

“It was a chal­leng­ing role. In the orig­i­nal book Anna Karen­ina, my char­ac­ter is very re­li­able, very con­sis­tent

C: You’ve been cho­sen to be the face of Vogue Eye­wear. Which are your favourite pieces from the col­lec­tion?

JL: “It’s a huge com­pli­ment to be asked by them to be a face for the brand. Sun­glasses and act­ing, both have such an iconic lin­eage, so it was a real thrill to be as­so­ci­ated with Vogue Eye­wear. It was an en­rich­ing ex­pe­ri­ence to work with leg­endary fash­ion pho­tog­ra­pher Peter Lind­bergh, be­cause he wants your in­puts and gets you in­volved in the process. I like many pieces from Vogue Eye­wear’s cur­rent col­lec­tion, and a very grounded pres­ence in Anna’s (Keira Knight­ley) life. Early on, be­cause Anna is re­ject­ing him, he could be ac­cused of be­ing cold and too se­ri­ous and I re­ally wanted to make sure that all those sides were present be­cause I did not want him to just be the icy hus­band. I was wor­ried about this when we were mak­ing the film, but when I fi­nally saw it, I was very pleased with the re­sults.” but my favourites are the VO2769 Op­ti­cal and the VO2780S Sun.”

C: Out of all the roles you’ve played, which have been your favourites?

JL: “One was this char­ac­ter in the Eu­gene O’Neill play I did—he was so un­like any­one I’d ever gone close to play­ing be­fore, and brought out a side of me that I didn’t know ex­isted. The other was Ham­let, be­cause the jour­ney Shake­speare al­lows you to go on through his writ­ing is so soul­ful, that it has a pro­found ef­fect on you.”

C: Clearly, you re­ally ‘get into’ a role. How do you go back to be­ing you once it’s over?

JL: “I am lucky to have a strong fam­ily life, so even when I’m shoot­ing and go home at night, I have to be a fa­ther. You have no ex­cuse to carry on be­hav­ing the way you were on set.”

C: We hear you’re plan­ning a trip to In­dia this year. What’s on your to-see list?

JL: “I would re­ally like to see South In­dia. I have in­cred­i­ble friends in In­dia, who tell me how beau­ti­ful it is.”

C: You keep so busy ac­tor; what do you like do­ing when

not work­ing?

JL: “I have to be hon­est, I seem to work too much, be­cause even when I’m not work­ing, I al­ways have stuff to do. It’s not al­ways work, but things I’ve to do in my time off. So I’ve made a con­scious de­ci­sion this year to try and stop do­ing so much.” ■

Jude Law an­swer­ing ques­tions (and look­ing hot) at the Vogue Eye­wear event in Paris

The VO2780S and the VO2769 are Jude’s favourite Vogue Eye­wear pieces

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