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et’s get one thing straight. Fried, junk and salty foods don’t in­ter­est me, but I re­ally like sugar. I like it in my tea, in the form of choco­late, and ev­ery­one who knows me will vouch that I al­ways pick dessert over al­co­hol. So when Cosmo asked me to ban sugar for a full week, I was ex­cited...and ner­vous. Luck­ily, I love fruit and am not one to give up eas­ily. I try think­ing of op­tions like crack­ers, dry toasts, and roasted channa. But when I start check­ing la­bels, they all con­tain sugar! I don’t think any of us re­alise just how much sugar we ac­tu­ally con­sume. This is go­ing to be quite a chal­lenge...

Break­fast of co­conut wa­ter, two egg whites and a slice of whole grain toast. In­stead of my morn­ing tea with sugar, I’ve opted for a strong cof­fee with a dash of milk. The big­gest prob­lem is be­ing told that you can’t have some­thing be­cause then you want it even more! Fit­tings with Man­ish Mal­ho­tra and I skip all the good­ies he tries to of­fer me. I some­times drink Ribena af­ter din­ner, but even that has added sugar! So green tea it is.

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