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Talk about a come­back. A while ago, Mika Brzezin­ski was fired from her job as an an­chor at CBS with­out warn­ing... But it was only a mat­ter of time be­fore she was back on top—kick­ing ma­jor net­work butt on MSNBC’s Morn­ing Joe. In her new book, Know­ing Your Value: Women, Money And Get­ting What You’re Worth, Brzezin­ski shares with Cosmo the tips she used to climb back up the lad­der—and how to use them to score yourself a raise. When your boss asks you about the late­ness of a project in a meet­ing, you call out your co-worker for miss­ing a ma­jor dead­line on it. Awk­ward, yes, but don’t even think about apol­o­gis­ing to her post-meet­ing. If she wants to hold a grudge against you, let her—the fact is, she wasn’t do­ing her job, and you called a spade a spade. “I’ve had meet­ings with people where I’ve re­peated in my head, ‘It doesn’t mat­ter if she likes me,’ and I’ve found that al­lows me to be ex­act, hon­est, and to give thought-out, un-emo­tional an­swers,” says Brzezin­ski. “It doesn’t mat­ter if your co-work­ers like you. If you are be­ing pro­duc­tive and you’re

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