So you got a com­pli­ment. Here’s how to deal.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - YOU, YOU, YOU -

1. Say thank you—it doesn’t mean you have a Kanye-size ego. Other op­tions in­clude, but are not limited to, thanks, gra­cias, thx, and TY.

2. If the praise ap­plies to a joint ef­fort, men­tion the other people in­volved. Ex­am­ple: ‘The new site looks great!’ ‘Thanks. Ekta did a great job with the de­sign.’

3. Avoid vol­ley­ing back with an­other com­pli­ment. Ex­am­ple: ‘I love your out­fit.’ ‘Thank you, but OMG, can we talk about how amaz­ing you look to­day?’

4. Don’t down­play yourself or your ef­forts with any of the fol­low­ing: ‘It’s noth­ing/not a big deal.’ ‘You’ve got to be kid­ding.’ ‘Are you crazy? I look like a pirate hooker.’

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