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The singer talks about the men in her life, con­certs, and only sleep­ing with a guy she knows well!

Give her a song and she sings the hell out of it. Give her a stage and

she owns it. Give her a boyfriend and, well…okay, she bat­tles the same in­se­cu­ri­ties

we all have. Katy Perry, she’s just like us— hang­overs, heart­break, anx­i­ety, and all.

All right, if there’s any­thing I know as fact, it’s that while David Has­sel­hoff is ap­pre­ci­ated only in Ger­many, Katy Perry and her mu­sic are loved by ev­ery­one, every­where. My nieces tell me ev­ery time they text me that I re­ally need to get it to­gether and hang out with Katy Perry al­ready. When I in­formed them that I would in fact be speak­ing with Katy for Cosmo just a few weeks be­fore she starts her Pris­matic world tour, my nieces in­sisted they be there for the in­ter­view as well. I gen­tly re­minded them of how asi­nine they had be­haved when they met Oprah. They too re­called the in­ci­dent and in­stead set­tled for tick­ets to Katy’s up­com­ing New Jersey show...from Katy her­self. CHELSEA: Be hon­est—how of­ten do you Google yourself? KATY: “I go through phases. I wish there was a Google re­hab. It’s not that I do it a lot, it’s just when I want feed­back on some­thing I did. If I’m putting out a new record or video, I want to feel what’s go­ing on—take a tem­per­a­ture of the world and see if my ideas are work­ing. I’m very an­a­lyt­i­cal in that way. I’ll check a few web­sites and my replies on Twit­ter. I want to hear from the kids who fol­low me more than I want to hear from some bi­ased, bor­ing, bougie blog­ger.” CHELSEA: It feels like you’re al­ways on tour—when I do one, I’m like, okay, not tour­ing again for two or three years. How do you keep it to­gether psy­cho­log­i­cally and phys­i­cally? KATY: “You have to prac­tice self-con­trol, which is one of my least favourite words. I do small things. I cut out dairy. I’m such an al­mond-milk, cashew-cream type of girl now.” CHELSEA: What about al­co­hol? KATY: “I don’t think I’ve ever had a drink be­fore I got on­stage. But I al­ways have one wait­ing for me when I get off­stage—a glass of cham­pagne. It’s a real dance with the devil, learn­ing how to be pro­fes­sional and have a cel­e­bra­tory time. In your late 20s, you’re


try­ing to fig­ure out what your drinks are and if they agree with you and your blood type. I’ve def­i­nitely blacked out on whiskey, so I don’t drink it any­more. Cham­pagne usu­ally gives people a headache, but I can have like five glasses and be com­pletely fine.” CHELSEA: What’s the most nerve-rack­ing thing about per­form­ing? KATY: “I’ll be ner­vous that the press will get weird up-skirt shots or zoom in on my thun­der thighs. Or I’ll trip down some stairs and it will be on the In­ter­net for­ever. But that’s just a part of life. And I think people are okay with that with me. Like when my ex-hus­band ac­ci­den­tally posted a pic­ture of me with­out make-up, I was like, “Oh sh*t! I was mak­ing faces for you, not the In­ter­net. Take it off­line!” But it’s on­line for­ever. And in some ways, I felt this huge re­lief. I didn’t have to be Betty Boop any­more.” CHELSEA: Speak­ing of your ex-hus­band, I met Rus­sell [Brand] when he was a guest on my show. He had to have three espres­sos just to come out on­stage, so I can’t even imag­ine... KATY: “I guess I hap­pen to be at­tracted to high-fre­quency men.” CHELSEA: You were mar­ried to him for 14 months. Then you broke up and started dat­ing John Mayer. These are two men that most people would say, ‘If you’re not go­ing to date two people in this world, it should be these two’. What did you take away from

your re­la­tion­ship with Rus­sell?

KATY: “It feels like a hun­dred thou­sand life­times ago, so it’s like dig­ging up an old grave. A lot of ther­apy has hap­pened and a lot of un­der­stand­ing and growth. Some­times you have to go through all this sh*t to get your grips on life and fig­ure out what the next bound­aries in your love life are go­ing to be. You have to go through the mud in or­der to find that peace­ful place. In the long run, it was nec­es­sary for me to have more of a team­mate.” CHELSEA: What is the thing you like most about yourself that at­tracts a guy? KATY: “I like when I can re­ally be my­self, wear less make-up, have off-colour hu­mour right off the bat—when I can scare them with the truth and they’re not scared. There are no se­crets or fil­ters. I think when I’m my­self is when I’m prob­a­bly the most at­trac­tive to some­one else.” CHELSEA: Do you have rules for sex—do you make a guy wait? KATY: “I’m not like Pro­fes­sor Hig­gins with my sex life. I’m not su­per strict. For me, the most im­por­tant thing about sex is con­nec­tion.” CHELSEA: So you’re not into sleep­ing with some­body you don’t know well? KATY: “I’ve never been that way.” CHELSEA: Maybe I’m con­fus­ing you with my­self... KATY: “I mean, if I could bot­tle up oxy­tocin—that chemical that’s re­leased when you’re hav­ing sex—and put it in a new per­fume, I would do it for sure. I’m down for that chemical. It’s im­por­tant.” CHELSEA: I’m go­ing to bot­tle my own per­fume and call it Re­gret—it’s go­ing to come out in au­tumn. It’ll be on the shelf right next to your per­fumes, Killer Queen and Purr. You’re also a new spokesmodel for CoverGirl. How in­volved are you in all your ven­tures? You’re the boss of ev­ery­body, right? KATY: “Ev­ery­thing goes through me, which is ex­haust­ing. I wish I could del­e­gate more, but I think that’s what has got­ten me to this place, so I just have to con­tinue this way.”

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