Mark Wahlberg Talks to Cosmo About Life

Mark Wahlberg “If some knuckle-head dude comes around want­ing to take my daugh­ter out...that’s go­ing to be a big prob­lem for me.”

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The hunky Mark Wahlberg stars in Transformers: Age Of Extinction, the fourth part in the block­buster se­ries, and he’s look­ing as good as ever! He talks to Cosmo about play­ing a dad in real and reel life, and fi­nally get­ting his high school di­ploma!

COSMO: How ex­cited are you to be in a movie your kids can see?

MARK WAHLBERG: “Yeah, I’m ex­cited and I think they’re ex­cited. I wouldn’t say I nec­es­sar­ily did it for them, but hav­ing chil­dren def­i­nitely played a part in my de­ci­sion to do Transformers when Michael (Bay) first men­tioned it. But hav­ing kids who are old enough to un­der­stand what I do does in­flu­ence the movies I am mak­ing and the roles I am tak­ing on now to some de­gree.”

C: How are you able to jug­gle act­ing, pro­duc­ing and fam­ily life?

MW: “Once I took out the night life part of my life—you know go­ing out from 10 to three, four, five, six in the morn­ing—there’s enough time in the day to do all the stuff I’m do­ing and then some. My fam­ily trav­els with me when I work most of the time or I go back and forth on week­ends.”

C: Your char­ac­ter in Transformers is very pro­tec­tive over his teenage daugh­ter. Be­ing a fa­ther of two girls yourself, is that some­thing you can iden­tify with?

MW: “Yeah, if some knuckle-head dude comes around want­ing to take my daugh­ter out on a date, that’s go­ing to be a big prob­lem for me. I could def­i­nitely iden­tity with my char­ac­ter about that, but in real life, I’m try­ing not to think about it.”

C: You’re known for pre­par­ing phys­i­cally for your movies...

MW: “I do like to be phys­i­cally ready for any role I play, but Transformers was a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. This was more

about en­durance and be­ing ready to be thrown around for a few weeks. It was tough. At one point I was run­ning along a ledge 19 storeys up with just a lit­tle wire stop­ping me fall­ing to my death. It was scary and ev­ery day was like that.”

C: You re­cently went through home school­ing for your high school di­ploma. Why?

MW: “I al­ways wanted to do it, I just never re­ally had the time and it wasn’t re­ally avail­able on­line un­til now. So I thought, while I’m sit­ting in my trailer for hours and hours a day, I might as well be pro­duc­tive and study. I don’t want my kids say­ing, ‘Dad, you didn’t fin­ish school, why do I have to?’ It’s also im­por­tant when I’m look­ing at my third grader’s home­work and I’m like, ‘Sh*t, I don’t think I un­der­stand this.’ It’s not go­ing to get any eas­ier. The adding and sub­tract­ing is gone.”

Look­ing hot, Mr Trans­former!

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