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XXXtreme Fem­i­nista

You are a hard-core fem­i­nist, and there’s noth­ing wrong with that. The only thing is, you’re also kind of a buz­zkill. It’s be­cause ev­ery­thing of­fends you. (Count your din­ner-party in­vites. Zero, right?) Sex­ism is un­ac­cept­able and we have to change it, but an old man who calls you ‘honey’ doesn’t de­serve to die. Lov­ing your pas­sion, but don’t for­get per­spec­tive.


Chillaxed Fem­i­nist

You’re a pow­er­ful woman, and you get what you want. To be a ‘good fem­i­nist,’ you don’t have to read the lat­est Bell Hooks book or mem­o­rise ev­ery Bikini Kill song (which, don’t get us wrong, would be very cool). You just have to stand up for what you de­serve (like that pro­mo­tion). Your life is your own, and from what we can tell, you’re liv­ing the sh*t out of it!

MOSTLY C’s Self-Hat­ing Woman Hater

We don’t know where you got your twisted view of women, but it is to­tally dam­ag­ing. You are al­lowed to make money, have a killer ca­reer, be re­spected, and still be a woman. This isn’t the ’50s! To get into em­pow­er­ment mode, we rec­om­mend a steady diet of Ab Fab and 30 Rock. If you don’t feel un­stop­pable af­ter that, we give up!

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