How to Make Your Skin Be­have It­self!

Got an an­noy­ing skin is­sue? Our ex­pert panel of der­ma­tol­o­gists fix your big­gest prob­lems.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - CONTENTS - By Priyam Chaturvedi

“I turn red when I’m out in the sun, but I don’t want to splash wa­ter on my face and mess up my make-up.” —Ria, 25

Dr Rais: “You may suf­fer from flush­ing or rosacea, and treat­ment is bet­ter than cov­er­ing up. Sun­screen is key, ap­plied half an hour be­fore step­ping out. Add an um­brella or wide brimmed cap for ex­tra pro­tec­tion. If you have rosacea, it may help to avoid trig­gers like spicy food, hot drinks, etc. Var­i­ous light and laser treat­ments, plus creams, may also help tackle the red­ness.” My bug bites get in­flamed even if I don’t scratch, and the scars last months. Help! —Priyan­jali, 23

Dr Oberoi: “Avoid itch­ing the area and use a lo­tion that con­tains men­thol. Bites that are red, painful or bumpy need to be ex­am­ined and treated.” My min­eral foun­da­tion has SPF. Do I need ex­tra sun­screen? —Reema, 28

Dr Rais: “If it’s SPF 30 and above, you don’t need more. Do use an ad­e­quate quan­tity to cover the en­tire face.” How do I deal with the combo of oily T-zone/dry cheeks with­out us­ing two dif­fer­ent cleansers? —So­nia, 22

Dr Rais: “Use a cleanser for oily skin, and fol­low up with a non-greasy, non-come­do­genic (that doesn’t block pores to cause black­heads) mois­turiser for nor­mal skin. If I take off my make-up and sun­screen with face wipes at the end of the day, is it as good as wash­ing? —Preeti, 32

Dr Oberoi: “No. Wipes con­tain al­co­hol and fra­grances, which are very dry­ing. Use a cleanser to re­move make-up, fol­lowed by a face wash.” Is it okay to use an ex­fo­li­at­ing cleanser seven days a week? —Smedha, 27

Dr Rais: “Ex­fo­li­at­ing cleansers or scrubs should not be used on a daily ba­sis, as re­peated scrub­bing can lead to skin darken­ing over a pe­riod of time.” I only get pim­ples on my chin. Is it from my phone? —Latika, 23

Dr Ch­habra: “Pim­ples ap­pear due to hy­per­ac­tive se­ba­ceous glands in this area and con­stant stim­u­la­tion can lead to ag­gra­va­tion. While your phone could be a car­rier of in­fec­tion, it can’t be the pri­mary rea­son.” I think my sun­screen clogs my pores. What should I do? —Isha, 25

Dr Oberoi: “Use a non-come­do­genic sun­screen con­tain­ing zinc ox­ide. Pick a gel-cream based sun­screen if you have acne-prone skin.”

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